Welcome to the Laboratory for Statistical Artificial InteLligence & INtegrative Genomics, at the School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, located in Pittsburgh, PA. SAILING is a research laboratory created in 2004, and is headed by Professor Eric Xing.

At SAILING, we work on:

  • Graphical models, Bayesian approaches, inference algorithms, and learning theories for analyzing and mining high-dimensional, longitudinal, and relational data.
  • Computational genomic analysis of biological sequences, systems biological investigation of gene regulation, and statistical analysis of genetic variation, demography and linkage (to diseases).
  • Applications of statistical learning to text/image mining, vision, and machine translation.
  • Systems and methods for scalable, distributed machine learning.

SAILING News and Awards

Contact information
Mailing Address:
SAILING Laboratory,
c/o Eric P. Xing, Professor,
Machine Learning Dept,
Carnegie Mellon University,
5000, Forbes Avenue,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Principal Investigator:
Eric P. Xing
Office: Gates Hillman Center
Phone: +1 – (412) 268 2559
Fax: +1 – (412) 268 3431
email: epxing at cs.cmu.edu
Administrative Assistant:
Mallory Deptola
Office: Gates Hillman Center 8001
Phone: +1 – (412) 268 5527
email: mdeptola at cs.cmu.edu