TVNViewer Description

Many network relationships change over time or space, such as in a gene or social network. Understanding the dynamic nature of the network and the nodes is often insightful into the processes that create the network. For example, differences in the progression of normal somatic cell network to a cancer cell network can show how the cell network has rewired, giving insight into the mutations causal to cancer progression. The differences in gene-gene interactions play a key role in cell differentiation, and also in the cell’s progression through the cell cycle. In each of these examples, considering how the networks change over time and space is important to gain needed insight into the biological function of the network.

TVNViewer is ONLINE FREE SOFTWARE that allows users to visualize and explore these networks. Users can explore our examples to get a feel for how TVNViewer works and the functionality that we provide. Additionally, users can run TVNViewer without creating an account. This allows them to create visualizations for their
networks although their data will not be saved on our server. We also provide a
free login for users to allow them to save up to 10 datasets on our server. Please click on the Run link above to view the example demos and sample the power of TVNViewer’s visualizations!

We provide visualization tools for three types of networks in many views – a circle layout, a force-directed layout, and views to explore how the gene degree changes over time. For each view the user can create high quality PNG files downloaded directly to their desktop. Here are examples of the three networks we support:

A simple node to node network:

A two level node to node network where the nodes are grouped:

And a network where the nodes are grouped into some kind of descriptor. We then
allow the user to explore the connections between descriptors. This is especially relevant in a gene network which may have 6000 genes. We can group each gene into one or more GO Categories and then view the interactions between GO Categori

We have provided online tutorials and documentation. Please enjoy using our visualization tools!

This application was developed using Adobe Flash Technology and Flare