Video Tutorials

Importing Data: We briefly introduce the user to the import data process and orient them with the resources they will need to know in order to create files in the correct format.

Circle Layout I: We show how to change the font size, node size, navigate through the different networks, and take screen shots using a descriptor-node layout in the CircleView.

Circle Layout II: We demonstrate how to size the nodes based on their number of edges, and then show how to selectively turn labels on and off.

Circle Layout III: We demonstrate how change the edge threshold and strength. We also demo how to expand a descriptor to see its child nodes.

Sorting Tree Demo: We demonstrate the sorting tree and describe how it is created.

Force Layout: A brief demonstration of how the force view layout works. It is very similar to the circle view layout, but we try to point out the major differences here.

Gene Degree Layouts: Quickly run through the major functionality of the timeline, stack, and degree distribution views.