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July 2013: Congratulations to Jun Zhu for being nominated as one of AI's 10 to watch!!


Nov 2012: Congratulations to Andre Martins for receiving an honorable mention in the SCS Dissertation Award!
July 2012 : Congratulations to Amr Ahmed for winning the 2012 ACM SIGKDD Doctoral Dissertation Award!
July 2012 : Andre Martins has completed his PhD within our group with an IBM Scientific Award! Congratulations Andre!
July 2012 : Anuj Goyal has completed his Masters within our group, and has gone on to LinkedIn. Congratulations Anuj!
April 2012 : Eric Xing has won an IBM Open Collaboration Research Award for his project "Scalable Genome-wide Association Studies: Towards a pipeline for large-scale personal genomics"!


July 2011 : Ankur Parikh, Wei Wu, Ross Curtis and Eric Xing were awarded the best paper in Translational Bioinformatics at ISMB 2011. Award announcement, Paper link. Congratulations!
July 2011 : Jacob Eisenstein will complete his post-doc with our group, and start as an assistant professor at Georgia Tech's School of Interactive Computing in Jan 2012. Congratulations Jacob!
July 2011 : Eric Xing and Fei Fei Li were awarded an NSF grant for their project titled "Using Large-Scale Image Data for Online Social Media Analysis".
June 2011 : Jun Zhu has completed his post-doc with our group, and is starting as an associate professor at Tsinghua University, China. Congratulations Jun!
May 2011 : Le Song has completed his post-doc with our group, and is starting as an assistant professor at Georgia Tech. Congratulations Le!
April 2011 : Ankur Parikh was awarded the NSF Graduate Fellowship 2011 for 3 years, Jing Xiang has received the Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate PGS(D) award for 2 years, and Kriti Puniyani has been awarded the The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship. Congratulations to all 3 of them!
March 2011 : Hetunandan Kamichetty successfully defended his thesis on "Structured Probabilistic Models of Proteins across Spatial and Fitness Landscapes".
2011 : Amr Ahmed successfully defended his thesis on "Modeling Content and Users: Structured Probabilistic Representation and Scalable Online inference Algorithms".
January 2011 : Seyoung Kim has completed her post-doc in our group, and is now an assistant professor in the Lane Center for Computational Biology at CMU.
January 2011 : Work done by Jacob Eisenstein and Eric Xing with Noah Smith and Brendan O'Connor on finding geographical lexical variation is on the news. Press coverage in the Associated Press, New Scientist, Philadelphia Inquirer, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, Ars Technica, LA Weekly, and MSNBC.


Summer, 2009: Our submission to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has been accepted. The paper is titled TESLA: Recovering Time-Varying Networks of Dependencies in Social and Biological Studies by Amr Ahmed and Eric Xing. This work has revealed for the first time how genetic networks in the fruit fly evolve during the insect's life cycle. See CMU News release.
Summer, 2009: SAILING Lab has received a grant of $2,66 Million from National Institute of Health to develop new theoretical foundation and efficient algorithm and software that enable next-generation genome-wide association studies. The proposal, titled "Genome-Transcriptome-Phenome-Wide Association: a new paradigm for association studies of complex diseases", received a top 0.7 percentile in the NIH review, and was commended to be "very timely, mathematically rigorous, and very novel, ... shows an admirable grasp of the issues associated with clinical descriptions of complex phenotypes classified as a single disease, ... and the collaboration with clinicians is realistic and likely to bear fruit."
Spring, 2009: Steve Hanneke has defended his Ph D thesis successfully. Steve's thesis was titled "Theoretical Foundations of Active Learning" and was co-advised by Eric Xing and Larry Wasserman. Steve will be joining the Carnegie Mellon Statistics department in Fall 2009 as Visiting Assistant Professor. Congratulations, Steve !
Spring, 2009: SAILING Lab has received a new grant from the Office of Naval Research (ONR).
Spring, 2009: SAILING Lab will be well represented in several premiere conferences to take place this summer in its domain of interest: we have 4 papers accepted to ICML 09, 3 papers accepted to ISMB 09, 2 papers accepted to KDD 09, and 1 paper each accepted to ACL 09 and AISTAT 09. See the Publications page for details.
Spring, 2009: Sailing members Eric Xing and Amr Ahmed are among four finalists in the inaugural Elsevier Grand Challenge on Knowledge Enhancement in the Life Sciences, a contest designed to encourage development of tools dealing with the ever increasing amount of online life sciences information. The team also includes CMU faculty Robert Murphy and William Cohen in addition to graduate students Andrew Arnold, Luis Pedro Coelho and Josh Kangas and research programmer Saboor Sheikh. See CMU news release
Spring, 2009: Our submission to the Annals of Applied Statistics has been accepted. It is:
Kyung-Ah Sohn and Eric P. Xing, A Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Mixture Model For Haplotype Reconstruction From Multi-Population Data, Annals of Applied Statistics, 2009


Summer, 2008 : New postdoctoral Lane Fellow for Computational Biology Le Song has joined the SAILING Lab after finishing his doctoral work on "Learning via Hilbert Space Embedding of Distributions" at the University of Sydney
April, 2008 : One submission to UAI has been accepted. It is :
S. Kim and E. P. Xing, Sparse Feature Learning in High-Dimensional Space via Block Regularized Regression
April, 2008 : One submission to COLT has been accepted. It is :
S. Hanneke, Teaching Dimension and the Complexity of Active Learning.
April, 2008 : Three submissions to ICML have been accepted for publication. They are :
J. Zhu, E. P. Xing, B. Zhang, Laplace Maximum Margin Markov Networks
A. Martins, M. Figueiredo, P. Aguiar, N. A. Smith and E. P. Xing, Nonextensive Entropic Kernels
S. Shringarpure and E. P. Xing, mStruct: A New Admixture Model for Inference of Population Structure in Light of Both Genetic Admixing and Allele Mutations
March, 2008 : Steve Hanneke proposed his thesis problem for the degree of Ph D in Machine Learning
March, 2008 : Eric Xing has been awarded the Sloan Research Fellowship for 2008. See the complete list here.
February, 2008 : Steve Hanneke has been awarded the IBM Research Fellowship.

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